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Located on the crossroads of Tel Aviv’s ever-bustling Magen David Square, the meeting point of Allenby, Sheinkin and Nahalat Binyamin Streets, THE POLI HOUSE is at the heart of the design, nightlife and culinary epicenter in our beloved micro-metropolis on the Mediterranean.


THE POLI HOUSE sits in the historic POLISHUK HOUSE, one of the most prominent and well-known edifices of the 1930’s Tel Aviv BAUHAUS movement for which the city is celebrated. The building itself underwent years of meticulous restoration in order to reveal THE POLI HOUSE in its grand splendor in the crux of the “City that Never Sleeps.”


    The Poli House sits amidst Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus and Eclectic architecturestyle buildings, the Nahalat Binyamin pedestrianized boulevard, Carmel Market, a mecca of culinary delights, fashion boutiques on the boho-chic Sheinkin Street, and of course the city’s glistening and energetic Mediterranean Sea and promenade, supported by National Geographic’s yearly ranking of Tel Aviv as one of the “Best Beach Cities in the World.”


    Tel Aviv’s 24-7 nightlife scene (that’s right, bring your sunglasses) and THE POLI HOUSE are seamlessly intertwined: the hotel’s location is based at the core of the city’s relentless clubs, cocktail bars, music venues and everything in between the clandestine  lleyways, offering an array of party options always at your fingertips from dusk till dawn.




    The hotel’s location along the urban-chic Allenby Street is perfectly primed for art and design enthusiasts -- just a short stroll from the dynamic art galleries in Neve Tzedek, the original neighbourhood of Tel Aviv; the picturesque Rothschild Boulevard, robust with some of Israel’s leading galleries; and the eclectic design shops by homegrown artisans sprouting throughout each clandestine crevasse of the city. A short taxi ride from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Design Museum Holon and all major galleries and museums in Jaffa, The Poli House seamlessly coincides with the multi-influenced art and design aesthetics omnipresent throughout Tel Aviv.